I have experienced the AMAZING benefits working out on a consistent basis can give you and I feel a strong desire to share some of the ideas and things I have learned with others so they can start getting in their own routine and feel some of the same benefits. Exercise is just one step on the path to better health, which I believe we as a whole are in real need of. Every step counts and you will find as you take one step and begin to feel successful you will find it easier to take more steps.... "not that the nature of the thing has changed but that our power to do has increased." (Ralph Waldo Emerson) I am beginning this blog with this end in mind, to help you take a step; or, if you've taken the step already, to keep on going!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ahhhh, exercising again.

Yesterday I rocked my Yoga Booty Ballet: Hip Hop Abs video. The first exercise - other than walking and a few lame attempts at yoga - I've done in 6 weeks and 3 days. Recovery from a hysterectomy is long. Not bad. Not too painful. Just looong. I'm still not fully recovered but my doctor gave me the ok with the admonishment, "Don't go too crazy," so I am ready and very excited to get back to work! I was smiling and happy all the way through the routine. :)

So I don't have any new exercise ideas for you right now (other than go do it!), but I do have some valuable tidbits from Robyn Openshaw's (The Green Smoothie Girl's) 12 Steps to Whole Foods Course Manual. After my surgery I did pretty good with my healthy eating, but as time went on my sugar intake increased and I'm reminded again how much better I feel when I am taking in good foods. For me, exercise and healthy eating go really well together. One always makes me feel like doing the other. This excerpt I'm about to share once made me stop eating sugar for a whole summer, which is saying a lot for me because I have a sweet tooth for sure. Really I'm posting this as a reminder to myself, but I believe everyone should have this information!! These are only 10 of the 30 reasons listed in the Course Manual. If you want more information, ask me! Click HERE to order the course and peruse around to find more great stuff.
Why should you stop eating sugar now? Because sugar....
  1. Is more addictive than cocaine.
  2. Makes you fat.
  3. Ages you perhaps more than anything else, decreasing tissue elasticity.
  4. Makes you tired.
  5. Controls your behavior, making you moody or anxious.
  6. Destabilizes your blood sugar, notably causing energy crashes.
  7. Feeds cancer cells.
  8. Increases your risk of Crohn's disease and colitis.
  9. Makes you dizzy.
  10. Causes deficiencies in copper, calcium, magnesium, chromium, and your overall mineral profile. 
Remember every healthy choice matters! If you make a choice you feel is wrong, just make sure your next one is better. You got this and so do I. (I need that encouragement too!) Have a happy day!