I have experienced the AMAZING benefits working out on a consistent basis can give you and I feel a strong desire to share some of the ideas and things I have learned with others so they can start getting in their own routine and feel some of the same benefits. Exercise is just one step on the path to better health, which I believe we as a whole are in real need of. Every step counts and you will find as you take one step and begin to feel successful you will find it easier to take more steps.... "not that the nature of the thing has changed but that our power to do has increased." (Ralph Waldo Emerson) I am beginning this blog with this end in mind, to help you take a step; or, if you've taken the step already, to keep on going!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Fat-Blasting Cardio & What is Tabata

I did this with friends yesterday. 

This is a difficult one if you're a newbie, but you can get creative and modify if you need to.
Find detailed explanations of each move HERE

I turned it into a TABATA workout. 

What is Tabata? It's a fantastic HIIT you can complete in 4 minutes. Read about the history of Tabata and the research that explains how awesome it is HERE.

Here's a quick rundown... 
1. Choose an exercise 
2. Workout as hard as you can for 20 seconds 
3. Rest for 10
4. Complete 8 sets

For example, for the above exercises I took 2 at a time to complete one Tabata round.
Cross Jack & Alternating Back Lunge
1. Cross Jack - 20 Seconds
Rest -10 Seconds
2. Lunge - 20 Seconds
Rest - 10 Seconds
3. Cross Jack - 20 Seconds
Rest -10 Seconds
4. Lunge - 20 Seconds
Rest - 10 Seconds
5. Cross Jack - 20 Seconds
Rest -10 Seconds
6. Lunge - 20 Seconds
Rest - 10 Seconds
7. Cross Jack - 20 Seconds
Rest -10 Seconds
8. Lunge - 20 Seconds
Rest - 10 Seconds

I paired the other exercises as well to complete more rounds, with one minute rest between rounds. You can also choose just one exercise for the whole round. (Jump roping is a good one!)

PS There a tons of free tabata timer apps on your smart phone.
PPS Feel free to post any questions or comments.

Happy day!

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